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Knowledge is power and can develop your skills. Skill development not only increase the self-confidence, it gives you the ability to showcase your capabilities at the workplace and to your Management.

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Career development is the enduring process of managing development in learning and work. The quality of this process, significantly regulates the Quality and landscape of individual’s life. We strongly believe that driving the activities as per the objectives of the individual’s career aspirations will lead to improving the concerned career life.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a fast-paced career and gets a good amount of opportunity to see the bigger picture.


Experienced mid-career technical professionals often look at presales role to boost their career growth in business.

Project Management

Project Management is an entry into middle management role in IT and Non-IT companies.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the way the Brands engage with their customers.

Leadership Development

Influential leaders who can positively impact both organizational culture and the bottom line.

Women Empowerment

The most successful women leaders revealed their secret behind the success

About McOxley Academy

McOxley has been promoted in the year 2011 by Professional Management Practitioners after twenty years of corporate experience. We strongly believe that coaching and competency development will strengthen the relationship between an organization and its employees. Having understood the corporate needs and individuals career aspirations, we wanted to spare our expertise to help them to meet their objectives.

McOxley’s offerings are niche and positioned ourselves as No.1, centre for career development. Our Management team members trained more than 7 lacs corporate employees in the last 15 years and conducting various programs for their employee enrichments. We are highly careful, when we design the programs – since our focus is to serve the purpose.

Our Participants feedback

Effective feedback is helpful to make the changes and strengthen the programs. We always listen to our learners and trainers and show the difference between the batches / programs

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Unique method

Passion is an integral part of our organization’s DNA

Training by Industry Experts

Real time business cases & Industry trends

Personalized Coaching

Tailor made Coaching For individual Excellence

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Passion is an integral part of our organization’s DNA

Hands on Learning

Real time business cases & Industry trends

True Partnership

Tailor made Coaching For individual Excellence