Lack of clarity in Business Requirements

When it comes to planning and organizing business processes, ambiguity never pays. A vague or skeptical frame of mind or not being sure of details is the basis for much of the agony faced by employees and managers alike. It is imperative that in any organization, each and every member needs to have a concrete, unambiguous understanding of what the objectives and needs of the organization are.

  • Absence of Clear Communication
  • Complex Hierarchy
  • Lack of Smooth Flow of Information
  • Lack of Trust & Faith
  • Frequent Modifications Initiated by Clients
Process mixture :

The Business Analyst is supposed to work along with the Project Manager in reducing disruptions and challenges. There should be no ambiguity in the information collected from members. Requirements Gathering process should not be mixed up with the Design process at any stage. It is a good idea to invest sufficient time prior to beginning project activities, in understanding and properly documenting the business needs.

Why Clear Requirements Gathering is Vital
  • It ensures that the solution is capable of meeting user as well as business needs
  • Assures that business solutions are compatible with the organization’s plans and technologies used
  • Maintains Buying Transactions at the optimal level—Reduces over or under buying
  • It helps change management processes, assures that appropriate people and processes are in place to make use of technologies
  • Gathering business needs from a wider audience boosts confidence level among team members
How to Achieve Clarity in Requirements Gathering
  • Requirement Gathering has to be undertaken among all levels of the members of the organization—everyone must contribute
  • Goal Setting must be realistic and practical—each member of the organization has to participate
  • Smooth Communication channels must be used for business needs gathering process
  • All stakeholders must be given opportunity to express their views and ideas

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