A one day program on Building Manufacturing Competitiveness

Program overview

The objective of this program is to give an insight on an approach to build breakthrough competitiveness for a Manufacturing Company. The program intends to take organizations on the path of rapidly implementing their strategies to increase revenues and sales through a superlative operational performance.

Since, time is the biggest constraint and competition is ever fiercer, organizations need to master responsiveness as their key weapon and be ahead in the race. However, a higher degree of responsiveness in an ever changing business conditions can only be achieved with a focused approach in delivering what the market demands.

Theory of Constraints (TOC) as a focussing mechanism & proven methodology, recognizes aspects of today's external and internal requirements, and provides a direction to organizations in rapidly building a sustainable operating culture of excellence.

The concept is based on the fact, very few variables (the constraints) limit the performance of a plant and the key is to focus and manage these constraints effectively to achieve higher shop floor performance.

This Program will expose the audience to a robust solution to build a high responsive Production System & a rapid Product Development function for a sustainable business growth.


S.NO. Topic Duration (Min.)
1 Overview of Theory of constraints 30
2 Operations Management – Challenges, Current Paradigm 60
3 TOC Insights into Operations: Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope methodology for Operations Management 90
Current reality (What to change?)
Solution details (What to change to?)
Implementation steps (How to cause the change?)
Case study discussions
4 Demonstration of new operations paradigm: Dice Game 60
5 Rapid Product Development – An approach 90
6 A success story discussion 15
7 TOC – LEAN – SIX SIGMA: A comparison 30
8 Assessment Quiz (Concepts & methodology) 15
9 Discussions 30


  • Process & Discrete Manufacturing Companies, Academicians
  • Representatives (Managers / Supervisors) from Production, Plant Operations, Product Development, New Product Introduction, Sales & Marketing