In IT Industry, Pre-Sales (or) IT consultant plays a vital role from initial stage and supports Sales team to acquire new client or new project. It is a middle Management Role in the hierarchical structure. This role is very significant because the products / services are often heavily customizable and the requirements from client(s) are very unique.

Pre-Sales Consultant understands the client business needs, develops initial screen shots, then tailors the product / services to meet client needs and make a demo to them. Helps the Sales team to close the deal by way of responding to the RFX's and provide estimations for the services.


  • To handle RFI / RFP responses
  • To design the solutions & make presentations to prospective client
  • Responsible to prepare collaterals, case studies, white papers & all other presentations
  • To do R&D work and analyse availability of various trends in the market & advanced technologies
  • To provide optimal costing to influence the client
  • To work closely with Management team, client and Project stake holders

Suitable For Whom

  • Software Engineers / Testing professionals / Tech Writers / Release engineers / Quality / Tech Support Engineers who wants to shift career into Management Role in IT Industry
  • Associates who are in BPO / KPO who wants to shift career into Business Analyst.
  • MBA Graduates who wants to develop his / her career into Management Role in IT
  • Domain / Functional Specialists who wants to shift career into IT Industry
  • Computer Science graduates who are not interested to do coding and wants to remain in IT Industry and position themselves in this competitive world
  • Fresh Computer Science Engineering graduates who are looking for an entry into IT

Career Opportunity

Since the Role itself a very significant one for any organization, individual will continue to have quick growth within the ranks like Principal Consultant, Director - Presales and can become CTO / COO.

Otherwise can move into Product Management areas and grow to the level of Chief Product Architecture (CPA). Based on individual's interest - can position into Account Management, Client Engagement / Delivery Management areas on acquiring required competencies for the higher Role




Course Structure

  • Project submission & VIVA
  • Profiling for pre-sales consultant role

1 st Week


  • Introduction to pre-sales
  • Role significance to it business
  • Responsibilities of presales engineer

2 st Week

Requirement Management

  • Understanding the client in both vertical / horizontal and the requirement
  • Scope development and solution building
  • Development methodologies & SDLC
  • Assignment # 1

3 st Week

Documentations Management

  • Estimation techniques & tools
  • Products solutioning
  • Assignment # 2 & project briefing

4 st Week

Functional Points

  • Bid management & introduction to platforms / architectures / technologies

5 st Week

RTM & Testing

  • Passive prototyping - html or xl mock-up screens
  • Project progress review