A one day program on a breakthrough Project Management methodology

Program overview

“Overdue and over budget” is what most often comes to mind whenever one mentions “projects.”

…Would early completion of the projects within the budget reflect a significant business value?

Executing projects is like conducting an orchestra. Various inputs, resources, equipment, decisions and corrective actions have to be brought together at the right place and the right time throughout the life of a project.

Unfortunately, uncertainties get in the way. Tasks take longer, vendors don’t deliver on time, technical glitches happen, requirements change and so on. As these uncertainties unfold, even the most carefully prepared plans go awry. Execution priorities become unclear (which tasks to do first) and unsynchronized (every department, every person starts prioritizing their tasks differently). Consequently, a project is mostly waiting for something or the other.

The net impact is that projects take much longer than they should, deliver less scope than originally planned, and are costlier than they need to be. In addition, resources are less productive than they might be.

Studies shows traditionally managed Projects yield only 44% of projects typically finishing on time, projects usually complete at 222% of the duration originally planned, 189% of the original budgeted cost, 70% of projects fall short of their planned scope (technical content delivered), and 30% are cancelled before completion.

This Program will expose the audience on a breakthrough PM Approach named “Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Solution for planning and execution of projects that …

  • Increased parts availability (Over 95%)
  • Increase in Sales increase (Usually 30%
  • Reduction of inventory at all levels in the Supply Chain. (Typically 50%)
  • Increase in inventory turns (usually double)
  • Reduction in obsolescence inventory ( less than half)
  • Reduction of cross shipments ( almost zero)
  • Simple & Powerful priority mechanism for distribution
  • Effective raw material inventory management
  • Reduction in the working capital

With CCPM, a good number of companies have experienced,

  • Reduced project lead times (typically 50%),
  • Nearly 100% Due Date Performance,
  • Increased turn-around of projects & maximized ROI of projects.
  • Improved delivery speed to market


S.NO. Topic Duration (Min.)
1 Over view of Theory of constraints 30
2 Conventional Project Management – Basics, Current Paradigm, Challenges 60
3 A breakthrough PM Methodology (Critical Chain Project Management) 120
Current reality (What to change?)
Solution details (What to change to?)
Implementation steps (How to cause the change?)
Case study discussions
4 Multi-Project Management Scenario 30
5 Managing large Programs – PMO Approach, PMBOK Processes – Change Management, Issue Management, Risk Management, Stakeholder Management 60
6 Walkthrough on success stories 30
7 Assessment Quiz (Concepts & methodology) 15
8 Discussions 30


  • Any organization undertaking projects – Process & Discrete Manufacturing Companies, Construction & Infrastructure development Companies, IT Organizations undertaking projects, Academicians
  • Project Sponsors, Program Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors