When is the right time to introduce of Business Analyst to Project team?

The task of recognizing & identifying business change requirements, evaluating the effect of those changes, recording the needs, and supporting with communication and delivery of requirements to concerned stakeholders of the organization is termed as Business Analysis. Business Analyst’s responsibilities include analyzing an organization diligently, documenting its various business processes or systems, and helping the business model integration with appropriate technology according to the context.

Significance of a Business Analyst (BA)

There is immense importance to the role played by a BA in any organization as he is in-charge of handling all aspects of providing solutions, thus enabling it achieve its goals. He acts as a liaison between stakeholders for understanding the structure, principles, and processes of an organization as well as suggesting solutions for all requirements.

The BA leads in managing the solution scope of the projects taken up in the organization, acts as communicator, and consultant for any given project. He not only analyzes and monitors project activities but also elicits business requirements and plans all analysis processes while controlling the solution scope.

The Business Analyst and the Project Team

BAs are placed in position for particular reasons that impact organizational effectiveness. Without the participation of BAs in the project team, projects may take longer time and effort to complete, exceeding allocated budget and schedule. This is often caused by the lack of defining project requirements and documenting them properly for everyone to understand easily. Without support to discern exact requirements, expensive rework may be necessitated, involving loss of time as well.

BAs must be introduced to the Project Team at the beginning itself, in order to create a free workflow and to keep up time and costs under the wraps. They must rather be looked upon as positive investments to facilitate better return on investment of any business project.

How BAs improve the Value of Project & Project Team
  • Better Communication Between the Business and IT : Key to project success is transparency and proper communication between team members and managers—this is assured by the involvement of BAs
  • Finding New Business requirements : Clear understanding of needs leads to proper design of processes, and correspondingly, projects tend to run on schedule and according to plans—BAs help in discovering the needs
  • Needs can be Prioritized : Organizations have numerous processes and tasks pitching for human resources as well as time. BAs exercise cautious and practical implementation of segregating these tasks according to their precedence
By introducing Business Analyst to the Project Team, the organization stands to lower costs, add value and improve project success, and ultimately enhance the organization’s revenues in the long run.

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