Women Empowerment

he challenges faced by women in the workplace are not generic. They are determined by multiple factors including position in the hierarchy, organisational culture, self-beliefs and social constructs. Consequently, Impact take an holistic view of women in the workplace, considering both the individual and the organisation.

Women in management face unique societal, organisational, structural and cultural hurdles. In many ways, the business world is still a male-dominated environment, and this is particularly true the farther up the management ladder one progresses.

Just as it is important to leverage diversity for competitive advantage, it is vital for today’s organisations to identify talent and nurture the personal and professional development of women in the new business world.

Not only is this the ‘right thing to do,’ but a fully engaged, motivated, diverse workforce that includes women in management positions is fundamental to your company’s success.

Women in management - business benefits

Impact design and deliver programmes that address the toughest challenges women in management (including future managers) face :

  • Increasing visibility and raising professional profile
  • Strengthening assertiveness and influencing skills
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Developing resilience, power and confidence
  • Creating high performing organisations that value diversity.

Empowering Corporate Women

Workshop Duration

  • Jr Levels - 1 Day workshop
  • Middle Level - 1 Day + 1/2 Day Line manager
  • sensitizing session + Mentoring +Buddy system
  • Sr L'ship - 2 days + Coaching +Coffee group

Program Objectives

  • What it takes to build personal brand
  • Identifying aspirations and derailers
  • Build a support system to navigate thru challenges
  • Skillset and mindset required for career progress

Program Methodology

  • Small Group discussion
  • Role play
  • Movie clipping
  • Story telling
  • Fast Consulting
  • Self Talk

Program Modules

Junior Level

  • Campus to corporate transition
  • Working effectively in teams
  • Creating a support system
  • Understanding basic difference between how men and women approach work and critisism
  • LM management

Mid Level

  • Understanding personal and professional priorities
  • Managing personal and professional stakeholders
  • Create a support system at workplace (Buddy,Mentor)
  • Networking for professional progress
  • Building Personal Brand
  • Getting in terms with reality difference in challenges between men and women employees)

Senior Level

  • Clarity on aspirations
  • Networking
  • Buildng perosnal brand
  • finding a sponsor and being part of succession plan
  • Navifating thru office politics
  • Creating a support system (Coach, Coffee group)